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Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Oswego, KS


Many people ask when I send them pictures of red and white corgi puppies and are surprised at how much black is on them are sometimes concerned the puppy is a sable and not actually a red and white.  The truth is, ALL red and white puppies are born with a certain amount of black highlighting on them.  Some have more than others, some not so much but the difference between their puppy color and adult color can be drastically different.  This page shows you the progression from about 3 weeks of ago all the way to a year so you can see how they gradually change.  Also note the changes in the white markings especially the blaze.   Our first study is our very own diva, Java.  Further down we'll also show a couple of simple before and after puppy/adult pics of puppies that have gone on to new homes.

6 Weeks

Red Corgi Puppy

7 Weeks

red corgi puppy

4 Months

red corgi puppy

9 Months

red corgi

3 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

 8 Weeks Old

4 Months Old



6 Months

1 Year Old

This is Tobi at about 5 Weeks Old

Then again at about a year