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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Coat Colors Explained

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Red & White

This coat color is the most self explanatory but can come in a variety of strengths and can range from very dark to very pale.  Interestingly enough is that all red corgi's exhibit some sable characteristics when they are puppies.  Many times the black cast fades to pure red by the time the puppy reaches adulthood.  Occasionally it is difficult to tell as a puppy if the puppy will mature into either red or sable coat. Corgis listed as fawn colored are technically red corgis, it is just a very pale faded shade of red.

sable corgi



This is the most unique coat of all the corgi colors.  It can also vary from light to dark.  Sables will exhibit a black cast over the back, withers, and tail head and will also have what is called a widows peak.  A widows peak is the the black that arches up over the eyes and extends down pointing between the eyes.  Many times their area's of red will be somewhat muted into a chestnut color rather than red.  



Black Headed Tri "BHT"

This color is sometimes referred to in the fancy as a BHT. It's key features is the black on top of the head, ears, and around the eyes giving a "racoon" masked appearance.  They will still have tan outlining parts of their face, flank, under belly, and their undercoat will also be tan but the top coat will be black.

red headed tri corgi



Red Headed Tri

A red headed tri is sometimes referred to as a saddle back.  The key characteristic is the top of the head and the ears and the area surrounding the eyes is not black but is red.  They can exhibit some black frosting on top of the head but the color will still be predominatley red.