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Wind Dials Two Feathers

Feathers is quite the spunky little devil.  She's a comedian sometimes a naughty comedian but she means well.   You can't help but love her.  Whatever she does she does 200% whether thats being a good little show dog or a naughty nelly.  Feathers is named for two little white strips on the back of her neck. I had planned a different name but before we made our show pick I had referred to her as "the puppy with two feathers" and the name stuck.  Couldn't fit her more perfectly.  Feathers soared high her first weekend out at the shows and landed her self a 3 point major!!  She is vWD, DM, and EIC Clear.   Eyes normal.  Hips Prelimed Good! Feathers is currently sitting with 10 points and both her majors so only a few more to go to her Championship!


wind dials two feathers

tri color corgi

tri color corgi

tri color corgi