Wind Dial Farm

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Oswego, KS



We are now offering both ground and air transport options although, depnding on location, one or the other is not always available to all locations.  This gives us several advantages when scheduling around the weather and other traveling issues.  Your unique situation may require one or the other.  Rates are as follows,

Air Transport = $350

Air Transport is usually faster, flight times are more predictable in advance and available to most locations provided the weather where you live is neither too hot or too cold to work around airport and tarmak weather regulations.   As with most airports, they can cancel flights or deny transport at a moments notice on account of weather requiring to reschedule for the following week. 

Ground Transport can be just as timely as air transport  but can also take an extra day of transport depending on location.   Ground transports are consistent in that they do not get moved to the following week, once arrangements are made, they are followed through.  If you live in a location where a major airport is not available, we may be able to get ground transport arranged within a reasonable distance to you.  Then of course, ground transport  has more flexibility when it comes to weather and temperature issues.

Shipping whether by air or ground is no more stressful on a puppy than if you drove here to pick it up your self.  Reasonably well adjusted puppies handle the experience quite well. 

PAYMENT INFO: You may put a nonrefundable deposit on a puppy to hold it, the balance must be paid in full and all checks cleared before we will ship the puppy, please allow 10 days for checks to clear. We accept PayPal, U.S.P.S. Money Orders and wire transfers as well. If anything happens to your puppy you will be contacted immediately and your money will be refunded or you may choose another puppy

If you plan on sending a check or money order, I highly recommend you send it either certified mail or priority.  This way it is assigned a tracking number and the postal service will track it to assure it doesn't get lost or stolen.